Iconic products

Iconic products

Iconic products

Our world-leading products

With Biarritz, Chiberta and Makila,
Devoucoux introduced a Basque note to the riding world.

We have been making our saddles and accessories in our workshops in Bidart (Pays Basque) since 1985. Our high standards and know-how are recognized throughout the world – a reference dedicated to the relationship between rider and horse. Our saddles and accessories have become icons, thriving on elegance, accuracy and comfort. Here’s a quick glance at Devoucoux’s world-leading products.

Biarritz Devoucoux


Devoucoux’s first model, designed in 1989, and a reference for riders practicing academic and sport riding. The model has since evolved but retained its initial purpose.
It carries the name of the town of Biarritz in deference to the company’s strong roots in the Basque region.


This is THE original saddle recommended by the big names in eventing, frequently copied but never equaled. It was designed in 1992 specifically for eventing – a working saddle, functional like the Biarritz saddle, but for cross-country and jumping.” One saddle for everything.”
Two important innovations distinguished it from the competition, leaving it unrivaled: the finishing of the flap, with integrated knee rolls, and the integration of the girthing.
Since 2003, this model has also found its place within the field of endurance – long-distance racing.
The forest of Chiberta has a cross-country circuit close by Devoucoux’s workshops by the sea, hence the name given to this model.


This model was designed in 1996 for dressage, and was quickly adopted by riders practicing eventing, as it had a deeper seat than the Milady, Devoucoux’s first dressage saddle. It is immensely comfortable, thanks to its prominent knee rolls, integrated girthing and integrated calfskin lining. The significant developments of the knee roll and girthing make it as effective as ever.