Sustainably Devoucoux

Sustainably Devoucoux

Sustainably Devoucoux

• Devoucoux encourages animal well-being by working with 24 breeding farms and almost 40 breeders in the Dordogne region. This is about promoting the production of very high quality hides and leather, whilst supporting local development through the Pôle d’Excellence Rural (Rural Hub Of Excellence) for leather in Périgord.

• Both our hard and supple leathers are tanned with 100% plant tannins, as we have opted to no longer use heavy metals such as chrome. Achieving this involved 3 years of R&D and €2 million in investment. The resulting superior quality leather (solidity, firmness, moisture absorption, anti-allergenic) patinates wonderfully over time.

• Devoucoux saddles are entirely made-to-measure in our workshops in the Basque Country. Our Devoucoux 100% Made in France policy ensures quality.

• Devoucoux has obtained the state-sponsored label “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” in recognition of excellence in craftsmanship. Every year, we open our workshops to the public as part of the « Journées des Savoir-Faire d’Excellence » (“Excellence in Craftsmanship Open Days"). This gives the public the opportunity to meet our saddlers.

• All our products are lovingly and meticulously handcrafted. Our saddlers are trained in our workshops by the big names in the art of saddle making in order to achieve perfect mastery of the 6 saddlery trades: cutting, preparation, construction assembly, machine stitching and hand stitching. An art that is continually evolving with the integration of new technologies into this unique, unparalleled and outstanding craft.

• Our skills, covering the entire value chain from integrated tannery to delivery of our products, are subject to continuous improvement and organizational changes. We are lucky to be able to work closely with one of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, a craftsman at the top of his field, in our LIM Institute training school. Our technical advisors are all from the equestrian world and take a three-week training course to enable them to recommend the most appropriate equipment to riders and their horses.

• Our packaging is specifically designed to avoid bulk and volume. As 50% of our sales are now to the export market, this is essential.

• Our packaging is also eco-designed, fully recyclable and generates minimal loss of material at the manufacturing stage. It can be reused to return saddles that are used or require repair.

• Devoucoux designs products made to last. Everything from design to manufacture is carefully researched to ensure comfort, technical performance and aesthetics for the horse and rider, always with the preservation of the environment in mind.

• Our saddles need regular upkeep to ensure the full-grain leather stays beautiful and supple. It is a living material that requires the utmost care. Cleaning and oiling are recommended for long-term enjoyment of your saddle and to give the leather a patina that will improve its appearance over time.

• The different components of your saddle have been carefully researched so that they can be replaced as new when necessary. Our team of saddlers is here to help you maintain your equipment and also carries out repairs in our dedicated workshops. We can also restore your used saddles and give them a second lease of life! We offer a resale service through our integrated business network and website and our technical advisors will help you find the perfect saddle for your budget and activity.