D3D Technology

D3D Technology


With D3D Technology, Devoucoux takes craftsmanship to a new dimension.

The use of 3D scanners, together with the latest modeling software, allows us to devise the most sophisticated padding in terms of performance and comfort for you and your horse.

Thanks to its innovative design and use of single-block alveolar foam, this padding improves the spread of pressure due to the rider across the horse’s back while optimizing the saddle’s dynamism. The resulting interaction between rider and horse is incomparable, the balance is corrected and the sensation is closer and more responsive than ever.


Improved comfort and performance thanks to:

  • Wider panels that are perfectly symmetrical: weight-bearing surface area increased by 30% compared to the previous generation of panels.
  • More flexible panels: a uniform flexibility across the entire surface of the panels. Unrivaled quality.
  • A wider passage between the panels: the rider’s weight is borne by the muscle mass rather than the spinal column.
  • Freer movement of the shoulder blades thanks to the adjusted form.


The spread of pressure from the girthing and the rider’s weight is optimized.