Pure vegetal leather

Pure vegetal leather

Pure veg-tanned leather

Pure vegetal leather

Innovative by nature, Devoucoux has been launched for some time now a leather made with natural, biodegradable vegetable tannins.

Three years’ research and development, and an investment of 2 million euros were needed to do away once and for all with the presence of chrome in leather while giving it unrivalled durability.


Leather that lasts twice as long

A technological breakthrough, abandoning the use of chrome.
The use of vegetal tannins (quebrache, mimosa and chestnut).


Biodegradable, ecological leathers

Unequalled resistance of the leather in extreme, full-on conditions.
Embellishment of the leather as it develops a patina over time.
Twice as resistant to UV rays as chrome-tanned leather.


Aesthetic and technical advantages

An innovative formula providing flexibility and maneuverability.
A new, more natural appeal.
Leather-working and assemblage at the service of the rider’s comfort.
Non-allergenic: total harmless for the horse and rider.

Vegetal leathers are usually firm and hard, and mainly used for the flaps of a saddle, while chrome-tanned leathers tend to be flexible and elastic, and are used for the seat and pads. Chrome is a heavy metal, harmful for the environment, and takes decades to break down. It can also provoke allergies.